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We manufacture some of the most amazing helium parade balloons in the world, made right here in the USA.  Our parade balloons are superior in all aspects to those imported parade balloons which are now sold by some other inflatable balloon companies in the United States.  For a company who is looking to build and protect their brand, product, or character, there is no substitute for a Parade Giants Helium Parade Balloon built in the USA.

* Our fabrics are high strength and in some projects specially manufactured for us.
* We use our own specialized construction methods and techniques.

* We have the ability to create high 3D detail features with finished airbrush detailing making us one of the premium parade balloon builders in the World.Helium Parade Monster Truck Balloon

Industry known designer of helium parade balloons Ken Moody started building balloons over 25 years ago. A true parade balloon artist, his work has been seen in parades throughout the US, London, England, Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. Ken Moody is the leader of our design team, and his high quality and complexity of designs make our helium parade balloons truly Parade Giants in the balloon industry.

If you're ready, Big Ideas Parade Giants is ready to make your event, parade or product stand out from the rest. With many years of experience in the parade balloon industry, Big Ideas Parade Giants can design a custom balloon for you or your client.

For additional information about having your own helium parade balloon
built please call us:

In the USA Toll Free: 888-867-7202
International 315-682-7200

A Quick Answer To An Important Question:

What about those Imported Parade Balloons?

Answer: Iimported Parade Balloons are priced about 25%-50% lower due to low labor costs and inferior fabrics. Additionally lacking in these imported helium balloons is high 3D detailing, which is very easy to spot. They're sold to companies (for advertising and promotional purposes) who are willing to sacrifice the best in quality for a chance to save $ money $.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE / TIP:  When buying your parade balloon,  ask the company who's quoting your project if it's being built in the USA.

FACT:  Did you know there are less than a handful of companies in the USA who have the expertise to actually build a top quality parade balloon?



Beautiful Big Ideas Parade Giants
Produced & Created & Manufactured by Balloon Artist Ken Moody

Photos By Ken Moody

Parade Balloon Parade Balloon Parade Balloon
Parade Balloon
Parade Balloon
Parade Balloon

These Beautiful Parade Giants
Produced & Manufactured by Balloon Artist Ken Moody

Photos By Ken Moody

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